Testarossa University Series

Testarossa Winery strives to keep things fresh when it comes to satisfying your thirst for wine knowledge. Thus the institution of Testarossa University, our year-round series of wine classes taught by our team of knowledgeable wine educators led by longtime Testarossa staffer Bob Zamora and resident Certified Sommelier Ryan Smith, who is also our Direct to Consumer Manager. Curriculum topics range from the basics of wine tasting to winemaking, including the science behind winemaking, deep dives into the terroir of different appellations and vineyards, vertical and horizontal tastings, clonal comparisons and more!

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2020 Winter Series

Feb – Mar 2020

Wine Basics

Tue, Feb 11 at 6pm

Sun, Feb 16 at 1pm

Location: Los Gatos Winery
Price: $35

Learn the basics of enjoying California’s favorite beverage. We’ll discuss how to swirl, smell, taste and describe wine. You’ll also learn how we make our wine, the history of our winery, the differences between varietals and places of origin, and what contributes to its wonderful aromas and flavors. Don’t be intimidated- there’s no experience necessary!

Brosseau Vineyard Vertical Tasting

Tue, Feb 18 at 6pm

Sun, Feb 23 at 1pm

Location: Los Gatos Winery
Price: $60

You won’t want to miss this rare opportunity to taste perfectly aged examples of Brosseau Vineyard Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, all while learning about the unique character of winemaker Bill Brosseau’s home ranch nestled high in the Gabilan Mountains.

All About Cabernet

Tue, Feb 25 at 6pm

Sun, Mar 1 at 1pm

Location: Los Gatos Winery
Price: $60

Cabernet Sauvignon, the most popular red wine grape in the world, is a fairly recent and very popular (re)addition to the Testarossa portfolio. Taste and learn about Cabernet and Cab-based wines from classic regions around the world. Several areas of California will be represented- find out what makes the Santa Cruz Mountains AVA and the Black Ridge Vineyard so special!

Chardonnay & Cheese Tour of California

Tue, Mar 3 at 6pm

Sun, Mar 8 at 1pm

Location: Los Gatos Winery
Price: $65

Learn about the five growing regions of California that we source Chardonnay from, all while tasting our wines expertly paired with cheeses hailing from the same region!

Pinot Noir & Cheese Tour of California

Tue, Mar 10 at 6pm

Sun, Mar 15 at 1pm

Location: Los Gatos Winery
Price: $65

Learn about the unique qualities of the five growing regions we source Pinot Noir from, all expertly paired with local cheeses. See (and taste) why we are so lucky to source fruit from the best places in California!

2014 Vintage Retrospective

Tue, Mar 17 at 6pm

Sun, Mar 22 at 1pm

Location: Los Gatos Winery
Price: $75

2014 was a fantastic vintage for California Chardonnay and Pinot Noir- taste how our wines are drinking after six years slumber in our library. Raid our cellar instead of your own.

Sanford & Benedict Vineyard Horizontal Tasting

Tue, Mar 24at 6pm

Sun, Mar 29 at 1pm

Location: Los Gatos Winery
Price: $75

Sanford & Benedict is the most historic vineyard in the Central Coast of California, and many world class wineries turn their fruit into stunning wines. Get a sneak peak of Testarossa’s newest vintage while tasting other winery’s examples to learn how our winemaking style and method influence our final product.

Testarossa University is accessible, educational, and most of all, entertaining!
Classes are taught by our knowledgeable and experienced Wine Education team, led by Certified Sommelier Ryan Smith and range from the Basics of Wine to a Tour of the Santa Lucia Highlands. They start at $35/person- contact us to start planning your event today!
Contact Ryan Smith for more information or call us at (408) 357-8062
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No minors are allowed at ticketed events. Due to our historic setting, most of the experiences typically require use of stairs to access certain areas of the winery. Please alert us of any guests with disabilities by calling our concierge at (408) 354-6150 x31 or concierge@testarossa.com so that we can make the necessary accommodations.

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