Wine Bar 107 Reservations


An extension of the Testarossa Winery experience, Wine Bar 107  provides a relaxed atmosphere for guests to enjoy Testarossa’s artisan wines paired with small plates in a beautiful setting in the afternoon and evenings. Wine Bar 107 has been voted the Silicon Valley’s  Best Girls’ Night Out Place since 2016, Best Wine Bar since 2018, and Best Happy Hour since 2020, by the San Jose Mercury News.

  • This area is not a wine tasting area and is only dedicated to food, bottles, and glasses of wine.
  • Maximum appointment times are 1 3/4 hour.
  • No outside alcohol, food are permitted.
  • No Cash Transactions. Card on file is highly encouraged.
  • Requests to sit near another group or at a specific table will try to be accommodated, but are not guaranteed.
  • We ask that you use your mobile device to review the menu online (click here or use the QR code that will be provided at the table) and to use the card on file to settle the bill.

Elie Mabanza


The music of Elie Mabanza is born from his roots in Africa and influenced by his love of rhythm, harmony and a need to tell his story through song. His father forbade his brother and him to play music until they graduated High School, fearful they would not get an education and be unable to support themselves. Once Elie graduated from High School, he began to play full time, first on the streets and soon getting gigs at restaurants and parties. Word spread of his talent; he had a little money in his pocket; he was becoming well known.



Daniel Truco is an Indie Pop Rock artist from Foster City, California. Daniel captured the California vibe in his raw and acoustic EP.

Paul Kent


Paul Kent is a singer / guitarist originally from Brooklyn, NY currently living in  Nipomo, California.  In his acoustic shows, Paul plays heartfelt classic rock, country, pop and folk favorites – with occasional surprises of acoustic takes on new music – that provide audiences with reflections from great American artists across genres and eras.



Rodrigo is from the town of Los Gatos located in Northern California. At the age of fourteen he began playing the guitar and continued throughout his high school years. After college and giving his guitar a rest for several years he reemerged to study Flamenco Guitar. Rodrigo has studied traditional Flamenco with maestros Mariano Cordoba, Keni ‘El Lebrijano’ Parker and El Carbonero of Jerez de la Frontera Spain. In total Rodrigo has produced and recorded three CD’s; “Festival”, “Walk with Bulls” and “Pura Vida”.

Scott Cooper & Fred Rodriguez


Scott & Fred play together in the popular band Rosebud, mixing Grateful Dead, Dylan, Beatles, originals and more. Virtuosic guitar picking meets luscious vocal harmonies. Cooper’s original music can be heard regularly on KPIG radio. “The singer-songwriter delivers thoughtful, literate tunes that stick with you,” wrote the New Times, San Luis Obispo.


Charged Particles


The trio’s repertoire blends jazz with elements of Latin music, funk, classical music, and other genres. The group’s original compositions are mixtures of complex orchestration and elaborate improvised solos. The band brings a similar approach to playing arrangements of tunes by other jazz artists and traditional jazz standards by the composers of America’s most popular songs from decades ago, each played with a new twist. Come and check it out!

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