From Bill Brosseau,
Testarossa Director of Winemaking
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As we have completed the maturation process, conducted extensive blending trials, and commenced the bottlings of our 2019 vintage Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, the word that comes to mind is ‘generous.’ In our 2019 harvest review, we shared that the early stages of the wines shared ‘beautiful polish and modest ripeness.’

While the harvest forecast was positive, we did not realize how the wines would unravel and  they unleashed continual pleasure. When wines surprise you in a very pleasant way at the end of their maturation step, the excitement continues to build for the future of the wines.

For this 2019 vintage, we elected to age the wines in their same barrel for the extent of their maturation (whereas in 2018, we racked barrel to barrel to help give air and evolve the tannins). As a result of resting in the same barrel, we were able to preserve the fresh aromatics and silky tannins. When a barrel can ‘marry’ with a wine for an entire vintage, it can achieve some complex nuances and dimension that adds to the future decadence of the wine. Furthermore, this process harmonizes the elements into a very well balanced and age-worthy wine.

As we write this, we understand the world is very different from when 2019 vintage was last discussed. While it is difficult to change the course of the world right now, we do feel privileged that we can share with you some of our best wines crafted ever.

The feedback from our wine family has been amazing and we feel so much gratitude to be able to share these wines and help bring a positive experience to your day. Thank you for your continued support and we will continue to deliver the best expressions of our family of vineyards.