We are thrilled to announce that the prestigious Connoisseurs’ Guide to California Wine has rated our 2018 Diana’s Chardonnay White Wine of the Year!

“Year in and year out, Testarossa’s Diana’s Chardonnay has proven to be among the cream of the crop and gets the nod as our favorite Chardonnay of the year.”
Connoisseurs’ Guide, January 2021

It was rated as among the top 10 wines reviewed by each tasting panel member of the publication and ultimately was graced the designation as top white wine overall. This has been in good company as recent years featured top wines like Kistler’s Laguna Ridge Vineyard Chardonnay, Joseph Phelp’s Insignia, Shafer’s Hillside Select Cabernet Sauvignon, and Paul Hobb’s Nathan Coombs Estate Cabernet Franc.

Connoisseurs’ Guide awarded us Winery of the Year in 2020, so we are truly honored by the weight of such an accolade two years in a row.

“We feel compelled to point out each year that this wine’s simple designation as having been grown in California is more than a little misleading, as Testarossa’s Diana’s bottlings are flagship Chardonnays drawn from the winery’s very finest lots, and the 2018 version is everything that a “reserve” offering should be. It is as complex as it is deep and impeccably balanced with up-front richness to spare yet is also a wine that continues to reveal more and more with each successive sniff and sip. Drink it now, if you will, and there are plenty of reasons to do so, but it has more in store for those who are willing to opt for patient cellaring and will increasingly attest to that fact as the next half-dozen years come and go.” Connoisseurs’ Guide, November 2020