The 2018 Harvest season kicked off with near perfect weather and fruit conditions.
By Bill Brosseau 

Sun-kissed by day, with low temperatures and moist fog for at least half of the day.  Initially we expected low cluster weights due to the erratic fruit set but once again, nature had other plans with the cool summer weather.  These conditions led to less evaporative loss from the fruit and more steady ripening.  This led us to optimum hang-time and wine chemistry as well.  These factors will show for many years to come with age-worthy potential rarely seen in California wines.

As we wrap up our last week, picking fruit, we could not have asked for better circumstances.  In addition to the wonderful weather we had, the harvest winemaking team was able to get sufficient rest and down-time between batches of grapes to the winery, resulting in more energy and zest to do their very best in the busy harvest.

Banner year for the Winery and the vineyards we work with.  Very exciting.