June, 2017 – It is hard to say exactly when California Pinot Noir truly came of age, but there is no question that it has earned a well-deserved place as one of the state’s premier wines.

We remember the days well when but a handful of producers stubbornly refused to be swayed in their beliefs that California could compete with any place on the planet when it came to making world-class Pinots, and time has proven them to be visionaries as well as dreamers. It is not unreasonable to regard the last decade or so as something of a golden age for local Pinot, and the last several vintages, in particular, have been witness to an unparalleled swelling of the ranks of remarkable examples, a circumstance that is confirmed once again by this month’s lengthy list of recommended wines. Finding collectable Pinot these days has become far easier than deciding which of the myriad delectable offerings to choose, but if being faced with too many choices is a problem, it is one that we greet with a resounding hurrah. You will hear no complaints from us.

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