2011 Diana's Chardonnay

Only a few, hand-selected barrels are chosen each year to create the Diana’s release, making this wine the ultimate Chardonnay statement for the vintage.  From the 2011 harvest, only nine barrels were selected, fifty-six percent being new:

Barrel     Vineyard (Clone)                          Cooper/Type

10-345    Bien Nacido                                 Saury, Medium Toast
11-012    Sierra Madre (15)                         Remond/Vosgues, Medium Toast
10-349    Rosella’s                                      Saury, Medium Toast
10-167    Fogstone (Hudson)                        Francois Frere, Medium Toast
10-139    Fogstone (Hudson)                        Francois Frere, Medium Toast
11-128    Dos Rubios (76)                            Francois Frere, Medium Plus Toast
11-136    Lone Oak                                     Francois Frere, Medium Plus Toast
11-121    Lone Oak                                     Francois Frere, Medium Plus Toast
11-108    Fogstone (95)                               Francois Frere, Medium Toast

September 12, 2012:  Two hundred fifteen cases bottled
August 18, 2013: Released to Jensen Reserve Society

"Medium straw hue.  Generous scents of butterscotch, kiwi, mango, and grapefruit unite in this 'best of the best' barrel selection.  These scents segue into brilliant arrays of the tropical fruit, citrus, and butterscotch.  Brisk acidity and lush mouthfeel make for an epic experience.  This wine just does not stop, with its long lingering finish.  I dare say this is our best Diana's Chardonnay to date. Drink now through 2020."

~ Bill Brosseau, Winemaker