Carmel Valley Tasting Room

Due to these unimaginably challenging times, it is with heavy hearts that we are announcing that we will not reopen our Carmel Valley Tasting Room when the current shelter in place mandates are lifted.

With an uncertain future as to when we might have been able to reopen, and historic levels of financial uncertainty, we have decided that the best way for our small family business to weather this pandemic, and keep our 27 year business alive, was to put 100% of our focus in keeping the winery in Los Gatos operational.

We have enjoyed the 3+ years we have been part of the Carmel Valley and Monterey County community!! As we all move forward into a new future, we hope to continue being a part of everyone’s Monterey wine experiences through our more than 25 years of making exceptional quality wines from the Santa Lucia Highlands and the Chalone Appellation.

We want to thank our landlords, the Beshoff and Joyce Families, who were very understanding and caring when we reached out to them with our request to not reopen. They were very gracious and generous in allowing us to discontinue our lease during this crisis so we can focus our remaining energies on keeping our winemaking operations in Los Gatos afloat through what appears to be a long road ahead for all of us before life fully returns to “normal.”

Thank you to all who helped support our operations in Carmel Valley!!

Rob & Diana Jensen
April 2020

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