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Here in Los Gatos, the momentum is really taking off on the much discussed renovations we are embarking on to fully restore our Back Cellars, Cellar 6 and 7 for club member only tasting spaces and private events. We are also working on plans to build new, larger guest restrooms, build out a commercial kitchen in the winery proper, and do a greatly anticipated Wine Bar 107 makeover. Included in all of these renovations will be a host of improved safety and ADA accessibility improvements.

Here is a timeline of our current expectations for completion of each phase:

      Phase 1 – Back Cellars renovation and safety retrofit

  • Permit Application submitted on April 18, 2019
  • Permit Approval expected by June 15, 2019
    • DELAYEDpermit approval still in progress
  • Back Cellars renovation and safety improvements completed, including three new ADA single user restrooms. (December 1, 2019)

     Phase 2 – New guest restrooms (December 1, 2020)

     Phase 3 – New commercial kitchen (April 1, 2021)

     Phase 4 – Wine Bar 107 makeover (April 1, 2021)


The overall goal of the winery is to give our guest the best experience possible from the minute they arrive on our property. One of the first things that guests experience at the winery is the ease of finding parking, and how far they have to walk from their vehicle to get inside the winery. To achieve the goal of a great guest experience, we have implemented the following staff parking policies:

  •  Always park in the rear of the parking lot to allow guests to park in the closest spaces.
  • Employees, who are also Wine Club members, are not to use the Members Only parking spaces when working.
  • For staff safety, do not park behind the winery during Harvest (details sent annually via email).
  • Additional guidance may be given based on the Harvest or Events schedule.

Weekday (M-F): All parking lots are okay to use by employees with the exception of the Upper/Overlook Parking Area on Fridays. Please leave the Overlook/Upper Parking Lot spaces available for Wine Bar guests and during Harvest, the crush pad area should be reserved M-F for Production staff.

Weekend and Holiday: Employees should only park in the following areas on weekends:

  • Anywhere behind the winery where there is a marked space:
    • Directly behind C2 is okay to park on weekends, but not weekdays. Do not park in or block the covered garage at the back of this area.
    • Spaces marked in front of Green shed (Sat/Sun/Holiday Only).
    • Dirt area next to barn.
  • Deer Parking Lot under the following restrictions:
    • Please park facing up hill and avoid parking here if your shift ends when it is dark.
    • This parking area may become muddy in wet conditions.
    • Ideal parking area for Tasting Room Staff (March through November).

X – Okay to park         Grey Box – Parking not permitted          Grey Box with X – Parking permitted with restrictions

Temporary Parking Restrictions for Harvest/Special Circumstances:

  • Non production staff will not park in the crush pad area Monday – Friday. If there is a large event and we need to make a change to accommodate guests then please let production know ahead of time.
  • During the weekends non production staff will park near the upper warehouse and access the winery through the third floor. OR they will park in the parking spaces by Edgar’s green shed and the horse barn in which case they will access these spots via the large gate by the old slaughter house.
  • If we’re processing fruit then staff will not access the winery via the crush pad (i.e. the slope leading down to cellar A). Non production staff will take the path from the green shed, past the overflow parking lot, through the main parking lot to reach the winery if production is processing fruit.

Charging of Electric Vehicles on Testarossa Property:

Effective April 2019
  • Charging of electric vehicles is prohibited on Testarossa Winery property. Testarossa Winery does not have the proper setup (parking spaces and charging stations) to safely offer this service to staff or guests.
  • In the event of an emergency situation, a staff member may be granted approval to do so. In this situation, please seek approval from your department manager.

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