Testarossa Winery Spaces – Cellar 1

Crafted by the skilled hands of the Jesuits in 1892, Cellar 1 was initially designed as a storage and aging space for altar wine. It proudly stands as the oldest and most enchanting cellar in the scenic Santa Cruz mountains. Nestled away from the vibrant energy of the Tasting Room, this hidden gem transports guests to a world of its own, captivating them with its intimate and elongated dining area. From the moment your guests step inside, they will be swept away by the instant ambiance that fills the air, leaving them breathless and immersed in its undeniable charm. 625 square feet


King Table
26 guests (Buffet) or
30 guests (Plated)

40 guests

Strolling Reception
40 guests

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Testarossa Cellar 1 Photo Gallery

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