2015 Niclaire Pinot Noir

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"Dark red color. Nice aromas of orange zest, ripe cherry, cloves, anise, cranberry, and ripe pomegranate excite the nose. Upon aeration, there are additional notes of boysenberry, jasmine, cocoa, papaya, and vanilla bean. Upon taste, the palate focuses into citrus, floral, and spice elements. Polished tannins provide a seamless mouthfeel while the vibrant acidity give a youthful and bright profile. Intricate, layered, and long are the descriptors for the finish of this multi-vineyard blend. Enjoy now through 2028." ~ Director Of Winemaking, Bill Brosseau

96 points, The Connoisseurs' Guide

"This year’s edition of Niclaire, Testarossa’s self-described “best of” Pinot bottling is a wine whose precision, structural integrity and fruity depth lend plenty of credence to the winery’s claims. It teases with succulent cherries enough on the nose to suggest that it is ready for drinking, but what follows on the palate is a very solid, fairly firm, impeccably balanced wine that, while living up to its aromatic promises of purity and depth, is still in its infancy and demanding of age. That it has special places to go is beyond any doubt, and, if another two years seems a minimum wait, we would opt for at least five.”

Blend Information

Barrel Vineyard (Clone) Cooper Type
15-329 Brosseau (Pommard) Mercurey Chauffe Light Long
15-170 Doctor's (Calera) Francois Freres Med. Toast, 3yr seasoned
13-339 Doctor's (Calera) Remond Medium Long Toast
15-295 Doctor's (Calera) Seguin Moreau Premium Medium Long
14-013 Doctor's (Calera) Remond Medium Long Toast
14-202 Doctor's (Calera) Louis Latour  
15-280 Dos Rubios (37) Francois Freres Med. Toast, 3yr seasoned
15-251 Fogstone (115) Francois Freres Med. Toast, 3yr seasoned
15-312 Fogstone (667) Mercurey Chauffe Light Long Plus
15-129 Garys' (Pisoni) Francois Freres Med. + Toast, 3yr seasoned
15-553 Garys' (Pisoni) Seguin Moreau ICONE Blanc
15-206 La Ricnonada (777) Francois Freres Med.+ Toast, 3yr seasoned
15-453 Pisoni (Pisoni) Louis Latour  
15-196 Rincon (777) Francois Freres Med. Toast, 3yr seasoned
14-063 Rosella's (Pisoni) Francois Freres Med. Toast, 3yr seasoned
14-020 Sanford & Benedict (Calera) Remond Medium long Toast
15-277 Soberanes (Pisoni) Francois Freres Med. Toast, 3yr seasoned
15-335 Tondre (777, Pommard) Mercurey Chauffe Light Long

About The Jensen Reserve Society

Twenty-four years ago, Diana and I, two engineers from Santa Clara University, followed our passion and started making wine in our small Silicon Valley garage. Six years later, we released our first Niclaire "prestige Cuvée" Pinot Noir made from a small selection of only our finest barrels. With such an amazing array of world-class vineyards and Bill Brousseau leading our winemaking team for the past 17 years, we are beyond proud to offer the newest vintage of our most elegant, long-aging, limited availability Jensen family reserve wines: the 2015 Diana's Chardonnay and 2015 Niclaire Pinot Noir. Thank you for being such a wonderful part of this amazing dream and our Testarossa family!

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96 Points / 96 Points for the 2015 Testarossa Niclaire Pinot Noir

Testarossa's Premier Niclaire Pinot Noir nets 96 Points for the 2015 vintage. Read more