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Cheers Blog – Are Single-Vineyard and Estate-Grown Wines Better?

Aug 14, 2017 - Loads of information. There’s a brand name or producer, of course, and a geographic description of origin. A year, if the wine is vintage-dated, and perhaps the name of a grape. And the percentage of alcohol by volume – often in type so small that mere mortals can barely read [...]

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Get the story behind why Testarossa Wine is so Consistently Excellent

Food and Wine Editor of the San Jose Mercury News Mary Orlin, sat in on one of the many Blending Trials that take place every year at Testarossa Winery. She details a bird's eye view of how the 2015 vintage becomes Jensen Reserve Society wine, Single Vineyard picks as well as Appellation and Cuvee Los [...]

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Two Garys’, 8 Vintages, One Winemaker, by Laura Ness

by Laura Ness In front of us loomed 7 large Pinot glasses generously endowed with some of the rarest and most coveted of Pinots in all of California. It is impossible to utter the words “Garys’ Vineyard” without invoking a hush of respect. To have both Garys’, Franscioni and Pisoni, boyhood friends whose fathers [...]

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Wine Enthusiast’ Steve Heimoff Praises Testarossa as one of the Great Wineries in his Assessment of the 2011 Vintage

I was starting to feel like the only person on Earth who had concerns about the 2011 vintage, until I read this post from Jim Laube’s blog, in which he describes “a high presence of musty and even moldy flavors” in too many of the wines. Here is the link to Steve's blog: http://www.steveheimoff.com/index.php/2013/12/17/more-on-the-troubling-2011-vintage/

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Press Release: Testarossa Voted Best Local Winery for Tasting 3 Years in a Row

Testarossa has achieved Hall of Fame status in the Mercury News Best of Silicon Valley readers poll by being voted Best Local Winery for Tasting three years in a row. Thank you for voting us the best! Local Winery for Tasting Testarossa Winery Rob and Diana Jensen founded Testarossa Winery in 1993 as a small weekend [...]

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