Testarossa Photo Policy

We welcome you to come enjoy Testarossa Winery and ask that you abide by the following guidelines:

  • Prior approval is always required and access is not guaranteed as events do come up without notice. Please email marketing@testarossa.com with your request.
  • Please check-in with the tasting room when you arrive.
  • We discourage photo shoots from 3-5 pm during out busiest hours.
  • Photo shoots are limited to a photographer, assistant and the person(s) getting their photo taken.
  • Please keep equipment to a minimum and keep it neatly located near you at all times.
  • Testarossa Winery is not responsible for loss or damage to your equipment.
  • Shooting is limited to outside, parking lots, patio, wine bar, tasting room – all providing it is not interrupting our ability to conduct business. Please stayout of private event rooms.
  • Please do not use the restrooms as a dressing room or make-up studio. Have your subjects arrive at the winery already for their shoot.
  • You cannot disturb or ask guests to move or relocate while they are enjoying the winery in order to get a better shot.
  • Safety first. No standing on tables, chairs or climbing on the landscaping to get your shot.
  • If photos are used on social media, please tag as @testarossawinery or #testarossawinery.
  • If possible, please send us some samples to use in social media with a photo credit.

We appreciate your cooperation

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