Vineyard Partners


Jon and Jan Brosseau (owners)
Bill Brosseau (manager)




Soil: heavy limestone with decomposed granite
Elevation: 1700 feet
Exposure: south, east, and west facing slopes
Climate: Monterey Bay influenced, afternoon breezes. Growing season highs from 70s to 90s; lows in the 40s.

Pinot Noir Facts

Acreage Total / TW   12 / 3 acres
Year Planted  1980
Yield /Acre  2 tons avg
Clones  Mt. Eden, 113, 115
First TW Vintage                    2002

Chardonnay Facts

Acreage: Total / TW 15 / 4 acres 
Year Planted 1980
Yield / Acre 2 tons avg
Clones Chalone
First TW Vintage 2002

Current Releases

Testarossa 2011 Brosseau Vineyard Chardonnay 
Testarossa 2011 Brosseau Vineyard Pinot Noir