Vineyard Partners

La Rinconada

Terlato Family (owners)


Santa Rita Hills


Soil:  Bayshore silty, clay loam
Elevation:  235 ft.
Exposure: Northwest
Climate: Coastal cool maritime breezes

Pinot Noir Facts:

Acreage Total / TW         11/4 acres
Year Planted                  1997
Yield /Acre                      2.5 tons
Clones                            Mt. Eden, Dijon 777
First TW Vintage            2012

Chardonnay Facts:

Acreage Total/TW          9/3 acres
Year Planted                 1997
Yield/Acre                      3.25 tons
Clones                           Dijon 15, 96
First TW Vintage            2012

Current Releases

Testarossa 2014 La Rinconada Vineyard Chardonnay (to be released Sep. 17th, 2016)
Testarossa 2014 La Rinconada Vineyard Pinot Noir (to be released Oct. 22nd, 2016)