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Testarossa is now using Cellar Pass to book specialty tasting reservations.  Please go to Cellar Pass to create your account, login and book your event.

Harvest Experience 2018
Every Saturday, 9/8 to 10/13, $100

Join us for a hands on look into the behind the scenes work our production team performs to process fruit and make our wonderful wine. Activities will include fruit sorting, punch downs (mixing the skins and juice in tank or bin), battonage (stirring the lees in Chardonnay barrels) and tasting directly from barrel/tank. The day will conclude with a family style lunch prepared by the Testarossa culinary team, and of course, delicious wine.
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Old World v. New World Chardonnays- Testarossa University
Tuesday, August 14th- 6pm, $45
Come explore the noble chardonnay grape – also known as White Burgundy. We will taste old world and new world wines ranging from the Burgundy region in France, to the Santa Lucia Highlands in California. Chardonnay is often called the wine makers canvas. Come find out why!
RSVP HERE- only one seat left!


Explore Santa Barbara County Wines- Testarossa University

Tuesday, August 21st- 6pm, $55

Take a virtual tour as we explore wine regions from the Santa Barbara County. Learn about the history of the Santa Rita Hills and other regions, and legends like the visionary pioneer Richard Sanford. Sideways, here we go!
RSVP HERE- only one seat left!

Diana's Chardonnay Vertical Seminar & Tasting- Testarossa University
Tuesday, August 28th- 6pm, $75

Only the best hand selected barrels are chosen each year to create Diana’s Chardonnay, making it the ultimate Chardonnay statement each vintage. Join us for this rare vertical tasting of some of our favorite years, finishing with the current release- the 95 point 2016 vintage.
RSVP HERE- only 7 seats left!


Rosella's Vineyard Pinot Noir Horizontal Seminar- Testarossa University

Tuesday, September 11th- 6pm, $55

Learn about the Rosella's Vineyard, one of our jewels in the SLH, and taste wines from several producers of this Franscioni owned and managed vineyard site. Plus, you'll get to taste the brand new 2016 Testarossa Rosella's Vineyard Pinot Noir before it is released!
SOLD OUT- email us here to be added to the wait list


Central Coast v. North Coast Pinot Noir- Testarossa University

Tuesday, September 18th- 6pm, $55

Learn about and taste the impact the differing climate, geology and winemaking styles of North Coast Pinot Noir (Sonoma, Napa, Lake and Mendocino counties) versus Central Coast Pinot Noir (Monterey, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara and SLO counties).
RSVP HERE- Only 3 seats left!



Los Gatos Wine & Cheese Experience

Wednesday through Friday at 1 pm, Saturday & Sunday 11:30am & 2pm

Expertly guided tour through the historic cellars of Testarossa. Learn about the winemaking process and the Jensen Family history. Enjoy a private, salon-style tasting of five Testarossa wines paired with a selection of four cheeses.
Reservation needed

Los Gatos Salon Tasting

Saturdays & Sundays - 11:30 am & 1:30 pm

Enjoy an intimate, private salon tasting personally hosted by a member of our esteemed wine education team. 
Reservations are required 48 hours in advance


Los Gatos Testarossa Experience Tour
Saturdays & Sundays - 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm

An unforgettable introductory tour of our historic 19th century winery and cellars, with tastes of world-class wines along the way.
Reservations are required 48 hours in advance


Live Music in Wine Bar 107
Summer Hours

Wednesday: 4pm to 8pm
Thursdays & Fridays: 4pm to 8 pm (Live music at 5:30 pm)
Saturdays: 12 pm to 8 pm (Live music at 1:00pm)
Sunday: 12 pm to 6 pm
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Tuesday, August 14th
Time: 6pm

Old World v New World Chardonnay- Tuesday, 8/14

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Tuesday, August 21st
Time: 6pm

Explore Santa Barbara County Wines- Tuesday, August 21st

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Tuesday, August 28th
Time: 6pm

Diana's Chardonnay Vertical Seminar- Tuesday, August 28th

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Tuesday, September 18th
Time: 6pm

Central Coast v. North Coast Pinot Noir- Tuesday, September 18th

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Tuesday, September 11th
Time: 6pm

Rosella's Vineyard Pinot Noir Horizontal- Tuesday, September 11th

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Saturday, September 8th
Time: 11:00am

Harvest Experience- Saturday, 9/8

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Saturday, September 15th
Time: 11:00am

Harvest Experience- Saturday, 9/15

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Saturday, September 22nd
Time: 11:00am

Harvest Experience- Saturday, 9/22

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Saturday, September 29th
Time: 11:00am

Harvest Experience- Saturday, 9/29

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Saturday, October 6th
Time: 11:00am

Harvest Experience- Saturday, 10/6

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Saturday, October 13th
Time: 11:00am

Harvest Experience- Saturday, 10/13

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Los Gatos Wine & Cheese Experience

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Every Thursday, Friday & Saturday
Time: 5:30, 5:30 & 2:30

Live Music in Wine Bar 107

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