Testarossa University


Spring Series


Wine Basics: Testarossa University
Tuesday, March 6th- 6:00 pm

Don't be intimidated by the world of wine! Learn the basics of how to swirl, smell, taste and describe wine. Sold Out! Email here to be added to the waiting list.


Pinot Noir: Oregon vs Burgundy vs California: Testarossa University
Tuesday, March 20th- 6:00 pm


Explore the differences (and similarities) between these noble expressions of our favorite red grape.
Sold Out! Email here to be added to the waiting list.

Bordeaux Varietal Component Tasting: Testarossa University
Tuesday, March 27th- 6:00 pm 

Learn about the blending process for our Bordeaux-style wines, and what each of the five Bordeaux varietals contributes. Taste barrel samples of each varietal and make your own perfect "personal" blend! 
Sold Out! Email here to be added to the waiting list.

Science Behind Wine: Testarossa University
Tuesday, April 3rd- 6:00 pm

Join Testarossa's Technical Director Bill Snyder and Wine Educator Bob Zamora to learn about the science behind our grapegrowing, winemaking and cellaring practices.
Sold Out! Email here to be added to the waiting list.

Doctor's Vineyard Clonal Seminar: Testarossa University
Tuesday, April 10th- 6:00 pm

Taste and learn about the incredible diversity of Pinot Noir clones from Doctor's Vineyard, and what each of them contributes to our final blend.
Sold Out! Email here to be added to the waiting list.

Riedel Glass Pairing Seminar: Testarossa University
Tuesday, April 17th- 6:00 pm
$100 (includes glassware)

Defy your expectations with this incredible experience! Learn from a Riedel representative how their innovative varietal-specific wine glasses enhance the aroma, flavor and enjoyment of our fine wines. Every wine lover should attend a Riedel seminar at least once in their lives. Every participant will receive four Riedel Vinum varietal specific glasses ($120 MSRP) to take home ! Reservations are required.

Santa Lucia Highlands Appellation Tour: Testarossa University
Tuesday, April 24th- 6:00 pm

Taste your way from the one end of the Santa Lucia Highlands appellation to the other! Wine educator and SLH expert Bob Zamora will take you on a tour of our vineyards and explain how differences in topopgraphy, soil, climate and exposure influence the character of the grapes and wine. Sold Out! Email here to be added to the waiting list.

Introduction to Testarossa's 2016 Vintage: Testarossa University
Tuesday, May 1st- 6:00 pm

Taste our 2016 vintage wines and learn about how the unique climate conditions in our appellations during this growing season influenced the flavor and character of our wines. Explore how 2016 compares to other recent vintages and learn what to expect from the wines as they age. Reservations are required.