2017 Niclaire Pinot Noir 1.5L Magnum- PREORDER

This is your chance to preorder a custom bottled 2017 Doctor's Vineyard Pinot Noir 1.5L Magnum. Please note that this wine is still resting in barrel in our cellars and will not be available for release until June 2019.

About The Jensen Reserve Society

Twenty-four years ago, Diana and I, two engineers from Santa Clara University, followed our passion and started making wine in our small Silicon Valley garage. Six years later, we released our first Niclaire "prestige Cuvée" Pinot Noir made from a small selection of only our finest barrels. With such an amazing array of world-class vineyards and Bill Brousseau leading our winemaking team for the past 17 years, we are beyond proud to offer the newest vintage of our most elegant, long-aging, limited availability Jensen family reserve wines: the 2016 Diana's Chardonnay and 2016 Niclaire Pinot Noir. Thank you for being such a wonderful part of this amazing dream and our Testarossa family!