2016 Diana's Chardonnay

About The Jensen Reserve Society

Twenty-four years ago, Diana and I, two engineers from Santa Clara University, followed our passion and started making wine in our small Silicon Valley garage. Six years later, we released our first Niclaire "prestige Cuvée" Pinot Noir made from a small selection of only our finest barrels. With such an amazing array of world-class vineyards and Bill Brousseau leading our winemaking team for the past 17 years, we are beyond proud to offer the newest vintage of our most elegant, long-aging, limited availability Jensen family reserve wines: the 2016 Diana's Chardonnay and 2016 Niclaire Pinot Noir. Thank you for being such a wonderful part of this amazing dream and our Testarossa family!

Winemaker Tasting Notes

"Medium yellow color. Engaging scents of grapefruit, passionfruit, honey, ripe fig, and ripe apricot. With light aeration, notes of lemon-zest, apple, and mango round out this multi-vineyard blend. Upon taste, grapefruit, passion fruit, and mango concentrate while the other elements grow more subtle. This Chardonnay exhibits brilliant spirit with fresh, creamy, and dense textural complexity. This wine finishes with a long, lingering story of pleasure. Enjoy now through 2028." ~Director of Winemaking Bill Brosseau

95 points, Anthony Dias Blue (The SOMM Journal)

"Golden color; smooth and rich, juicy and elegant; toasty, ripe and lovely; balanced and racy, subtle and long."


Barrel Composition

Barrel # Vineyard (Clone) Cooper Type
16330 Fogstone (15) Mercurey Light & Long
15327 Fogstone (15) Mercurey Light & Long
11274 Fogstone (4) Cadus Medium Toast
16453 Soberanes (Wente) Cadus Medium Toast
16354 Brosseau (Wente) Mercurey Light & Fruity
15210 Sierra Madre (15) Francois Frere Medium Toast
16159 La Rinconada (15) Francois Frere Medium Plus
13154 Rosella's (96) Remond Medium Toast Long
13206 Rosella's (96) Remond Medium Toast Long
16238 Rosella's (76) Francois Frere Medium Plus
15492 Rincon (4) Demptos Medium Toast
16260 Rosemary's (96) Seguin Moreau Medium Long
16063 Lone Oak (Wente) Remond Medium Toast Long
16366 Sierra Madre (15) Bel Air Medium Long
16232 Sanford & Benedict (Wente) Francois Frere Medium Toast
15030 La Rinconada (Wente) Remond Medium Toast Long
14228  Soberanes (Wente) Cadus Medium Slow Extraction


WEATHER HOLD ADVISORY - Please note that due to the fragile nature of wine and the impending winter season, we are  unable to ship wine to states whose temperatures have fallen below 32 degrees Farenheit. If you feel your area might be impacted, please contact us at clubt@testarossa to inquire about shipping options.


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