2015 Diana's Chardonnay 1.5L Magnum


"Medium Straw hue. Engaging scents of ripe peach, ripe apple pie, honey, passionfruit, and nutmeg leap out of the glass and are followed by notes of ripe fig, ripe apricot, and vanilla bean. While this wine is complex on the nose, these same attributes are framed by a nice citrus core of lemon, grapefruit, and even a touch more vanilla. Vibrancy and intricacy define the palate and this multi-vineyard blend leads into a pure, fresh, and youthful finish. Enjoy now through 2027." ~ Director Of Winemaking, Bill Brosseau


Blend Information

Barrel Vineyard (Clone) Cooper Type
15-051 Brosseau (Wente) Remond Medium Long Toast
11-230 Brosseau (Wente) Ermitage Medium Toast
14-091 Fogstone (15) Francois Freres Medium Toast
14-266 Fogstone (15) Mercurey Chauffe Light Long
14-432 Fogstone (76) Seguin Moreau ICONE Blanc
14-430 Fogstone (76) Cadus Med. Toast, 30mo seasoned
15-069 Fogstone (95) Cadus Med. Toast, 30mo seasoned
14-268 La Rinconada (15) Mercurey Chauffe Light Long
13-197 La Ricnonada (15) Remond Med. Long Toast
15-207 Rosella's (76, 96) Francois Freres Med. Toast, 3yr seasoned
15-229 Rosella's (76, 96) Francois Freres Med. + Toast
15-323 Sierra Madre (15)  Mercurey Chauffe Light Long
09-050 Sierra Madre (15) Francois Freres Med. + Toast
12-221 Soberanes (Wente) Francois Freres Med. + Toast, 3yr seasoned











About The Jensen Reserve Society
Twenty-four years ago, Diana and I, two engineers from Santa Clara University, followed our passion and started making wine in our small Silicon Valley garage. Six years later, we released our first Niclaire "prestige Cuvée" Pinot Noir made from a small selection of only our finest barrels. With such an amazing array of world-class vineyards and Bill Brousseau leading our winemaking team for the past 17 years, we are beyond proud to offer the newest vintage of our most elegant, long-aging, limited availability Jensen family reserve wines: the 2015 Diana's Chardonnay and 2015 Niclaire Pinot Noir. Thank you for being such a wonderful part of this amazing dream and our Testarossa family! ~Rob Jensen, Owner & Proprietor