2012 Diana's Chardonnay

Only a few, hand-selected barrels are chosen each year to create the Diana's release, making this wine the ultimate Chardonnay statement for the vintage. Only ten barrels were selected from the 2012 harvest to make this special wine. It was aged in 100% French Oak, 40% in new barrels.

Barrel         Vineyard (Clone)          Cooper/Type                                 
12-074        La Rinconada               Francois Freres / Medium Toast   
11-143        La Rinconada               Francois Freres / Medium Plus Toast
11-122        La Rinconada               Francois Freres / Medium Plus Toast
11-121        Lone Oak                     Francois Freres / Medium Plus Toast
12-191        Lone Oak                     Francois Freres / Medium Plus Toast, 3 year seasoned
11-175        Rincon                         Francois Freres / Medium Plus Toast
12-045        Rosella's (76)                Francois Freres / Medium Toast, 3 year seasoned
11-127        Rosella's (76)                Francois Freres / Medium Toast, 3 year seasoned
12-076        Rosella's (76)                Francois Freres / Medium Toast 
11-138        Sierra Madre                 Francois Freres / Medium Toast

October 10, 2013: two hundred severy-eight cases bottled
August 28, 2014: released to the Jensen Reserve Society

Tasting Notes

Pale Straw hue.  Very complex aroma profile of honeycomb, pear, apple, fig, apricot, mango, crème brulee, and vanilla bean.  Once this wine settles down in the palate, notes of honeycomb, fig, pear, mango, and crème brulee remain.  This ‘best of the best’ barrel selection offers a densely concentrated palate with brisk acidity, keeping it balanced on the finish.  It should continue to gain intensity and complexity over the next few years of careful aging.  Drink now through 2022.

~Bill Brosseau, Director of Winemaking




94 Points / 2012 Diana's Chardonnay Rich and Wonderful

Best of breed Diana's is a leading star of the 2012 vintage. Read more